Letter of Intent

Michelle Wert — Interaction Designer

I first discovered the world of UI/UX in 2015 when I was struggling to find my place in the pre-med program at the University of Utah. My dad, a programmer and small-business owner, mentioned to me that he thought that I would fit perfectly into the role of a UI/UX designer. Having jumped between the analytical and creative sides of projects my whole life, he saw me as a perfect fit for such a role. I quickly changed my major and have now been studying and diving into the world of user experience for 2.5 years now. I spent a year studying at a small design school in Berlin and gaining experience at a design agency as an intern. I have fallen in love with the design process, always finding solutions to problems, no matter how many iterations it may take. Outside of my love for interaction design, I thoroughly enjoy spending time in the mountains — skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

Currently, I am an Interaction Design student at Utah Valley University. I have been so pleasantly surprised at the expanse of knowledge I’ve been able to build upon as a student here. My skills have broadened greatly here as I have been able to dive into design projects that I never before done — from authoring eBook experiences to digital publishing to creating augmented reality experiences. I aspire to continue building knowledge in these areas, as I previously only had experience with web and app.

As I work my way toward applying for internships and entry-level careers, I hope to enter such positions with a confidence that I can accomplish whatever is set in front of me, meanwhile being teachable and open to learning from mentors and those above me. Over the next year I would love to begin learning more about what it takes to work freelance, so that I can gain experience alongside my studies.

Long term, my goals are more vague. I love the world of user experience, and in order to make a statement about where I’d like to go with my career would require me to know how this industry will evolve. All I can hope is that I am able to use my skills to benefit the experiences of humans all over the world, whether that be with digital or physical products. I am excited to see where this career choice takes me.